MMI PIK is the only fully equipped Montessori in Northern Jakarta. It boasts of 6 fully equipped Montessori classrooms, a Toddler Class room, a large Music & Movement Room, Indoor and Outdoor GYM and a Standard-size Swimming Pool. All the teachers are fully-trained Montessori Teachers. 

The Montessori classrooms are set-up with all the Montessori materials for each level. We have five areas which include the Practical Life Area, the Sensorial Area, Mathematics, Language & the Cultural Area. Each classroom also has its own mini-library. Every two classrooms share a class garden which they should co-maintain with each other - this fosters cooperation & camaraderie between classes. 

The Music & Movement Room is a huge room with a mirror on one wall, musical instruments which range from the common keyboard to the unusual Indonesian musical instruments like the angklung & kulintang. We also have hula hoops, balls & ribbons for movement activities. Yoga classes will also be held in this area. 

The Library starts off with a 600-book collection of English & Mandarin books. We have computers set up with Educational Programs for our students' use. Beanbags & floormats are spread around the wooden floor of the library for the children to use when they read. 

The Rooftop of our school holds the outdoor play area of our students. We have a standard-size pool with two different depths for the different swimming ability levels of our young students. A shower & changing room is situated right beside the pool for easy access. On a different level of the rooftop, we have the Kiddie Park where an Outdoor Gym, a Park for Imaginative Play & a Kiddie Highway are set for the children to use for the enhancement of their motor skills. 

All our classrooms are air-conditioned and have CCTV with a monitor set in the Reception Area should parents want to take a 'peek' into their child's classroom. School Diaries are sent home at least three times a week, the School Newsletter is sent every month. A Progress Report charting each student's progress is sent home every term while the student's portfolio is prepared and given to the parents every term. 




For Registration:

Tel: 021 - 9795 8537
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MMI - Pantai Indah Kapuk

Jl. Gold Coast Blok A #12-23
Pantai Indah Kapuk
Jakarta Utara 14470



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